Gossip in the Church

Thom Rainer listed on His blog The nine ways gossip destroys a church are: It’s evil. It’s idolatrous. It’s self-centered. It’s divisive. It’s often deceptive. It harms reputations. It destroys trust. It indicates hypocrisy in the church. It risks God’s judgment Gossip is a destroyer of unity in the church. It can begin as a sampled seedContinue reading “Gossip in the Church”

Church Unity Breakdown

(Picture of FBC Del Rio, Texas) Today’s post consists of 14 reasons for church unity breakdown. This is from Thom Rainer’s blog I pray that you are part of the solution at your church instead of part of the problem. Gossip. Church members talk about one another instead of talking to one another. Paul calls churchContinue reading “Church Unity Breakdown”