What will happen to my church post covid? Great question. No one can say for sure. The one thing that has already popped up in many churches is this: the magnification of underlying issues that were already going on in your church. The unhealthy stuff that happens behind the scenes now have come to theContinue reading “THE CHURCH POST COVID”

Am I a Replanter?

The Characteristics of a Replanter. There are 13 characteristics pastors must develop to be effective replanters. For more on these characteristics, read the article. Visionary Shepherd Gospel Orientation Missional Focus Organizational Awareness Pastoral Grit Spousal Perseverance Resourceful Generalist Tactical Patience Initiative Emotional Intelligence Affinity for Multi-Generational Ministry Respect for a Church’s Legacy Willingness to Confront StayContinue reading “Am I a Replanter?”


Today’s post comes from Marriage Today and Jimmy Evans. When God created marriage, He breathed the Holy Spirit into Adam and Eve. Their marriage was Spirit-filled until they rejected God. He created us as equals in marriage but with different roles. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can fulfill those roles as husbandsContinue reading “Husbands”

How Was Your Day?

Wonderful ideas to have meaningful conversation with your spouse: 5 Questions to Replace “How was your day?” August 19, 2020  Ann MalmbergConnection When you finally get the chance to reunite and reconnect with your partner at the end of the day, what do you say? “How was your day?” There’s definitely nothing wrong with this question!Continue reading “How Was Your Day?”


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My name is Larry Floyd. I am the Executive Director for the El Paso Baptist Association. I am also a Certified Church Consultant trainer through the Thom Rainer’s Certification ministry. I am here to help churches revitalize, replant, or renew, in order to become the church God wants them to be. You can email me at

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