How to Have a thriving Marriage Ministry in your church

Years ago, my and I had to go through a tough time when our eldest son went through a divorce. We realized that many churches have ministries that help divorced couples, but not a lot of churches have a thriving marriage ministry as an ongoing part of the church. So, we said enough was enoughContinue reading “How to Have a thriving Marriage Ministry in your church”

El Paso Migrant Center Set to Open July 7, 2021

The changing needs of an El Paso church and the increasing needs of newly arrived individuals at the U.S.-Mexico border coincided to help launch a new associational ministry. During an earlier immigration surge, Senior Pastor Patrick Six at Scotsdale Baptist Church in El Paso began thinking about how his church could be involved in aContinue reading “El Paso Migrant Center Set to Open July 7, 2021”

El Paso Migrant Center Volunteer Training

Dear friends,Hope you can join us for this Migrant Ministry Volunteer Training. Please see details below. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call EPBA office 915-544-8671. God bless you! Queridos amigos,Esperamos que nos puedan acompañar en este Entrenamiento para Voluntarios acerca del Ministerio para Migrantes. Los esperamos este sábado 12 de JunioContinue reading “El Paso Migrant Center Volunteer Training”

Am I a Replanter?

The Characteristics of a Replanter. There are 13 characteristics pastors must develop to be effective replanters. For more on these characteristics, read the article. Visionary Shepherd Gospel Orientation Missional Focus Organizational Awareness Pastoral Grit Spousal Perseverance Resourceful Generalist Tactical Patience Initiative Emotional Intelligence Affinity for Multi-Generational Ministry Respect for a Church’s Legacy Willingness to Confront StayContinue reading “Am I a Replanter?”

How Was Your Day?

Wonderful ideas to have meaningful conversation with your spouse: 5 Questions to Replace “How was your day?” August 19, 2020  Ann MalmbergConnection When you finally get the chance to reunite and reconnect with your partner at the end of the day, what do you say? “How was your day?” There’s definitely nothing wrong with this question!Continue reading “How Was Your Day?”