Church Planting

“Follow Jesus on the journey he has planned for you, and invite your people along.” “When God called me to plant a church, he intended for me to go on a journey with him. The beginning and end of this journey are not results, but the love of God in Christ. That is the promisedContinue reading “Church Planting”

Why Has It Become Harder To Stock the Church Planter Pipeline?

Good Read for all you church planters out there: It’s become more difficult to recruit church planters today compared to the recent past | DANIEL YANG Image: Pexels Today in ministry leadership, many have adopted this phrase used in business and organizational psychology: pipeline. The concept is simple. A pipeline is an intentional process ofContinue reading “Why Has It Become Harder To Stock the Church Planter Pipeline?”

Church Planting

Today I am posting an article from Ed Stetzer. I was intrigued by it because as a church planter, our church never officially launched with a big hoopla. We started in November and God has been so gracious to us. Church-Planting Shifts, Part One: The Launch Consider your people group and the time of year.Continue reading “Church Planting”

Leading a Church of Less Than 100

Are You on Track if You Lead a Church of Less Than 100? Most of the time church planting is a long, hard slog. Ed Stetzer I came across this article and really thought of this as reality. I lead a church of 80 or so at the beginning stages of year 2. I sometimesContinue reading “Leading a Church of Less Than 100”

Church Planting 2015: Who Attends and What Attracted Them

Successful new churches share four factors, LifeWay Research finds. Lisa Cannon Green – Facts & Trends [ POSTED 12/8/2015 12:01PM ] North American Mission Board A 2014 church plant worships in a South Dakota school. Protestants are planting new churches in America faster than their old churches are closing. More than 4,000 new Protestant churchesContinue reading “Church Planting 2015: Who Attends and What Attracted Them”