Mexico Trip

As we prepared to go to Acuna, Mexico today, we know that God is our protector. We were allowed to cross over 3 vehicles full of supplies without any problems. 10 members of FBC Del Rio went to drop off water, bleach, toilet paper, baby wipes, and much more. Pastor Erasmo of Templo Bautista Bethel gave us instructions and of course prayer. I have a pic of the cleanup effort as well

As you know it is difficult to pass certain items across since there is a lot of restrictions. I have compiled a list of items that are in need and that we can get across to our partner church in order for them to connect to the people for a long term relationship. Or prayer is for a church to be birthed out of this tragedy and for this neighborhood to become a lighthouse of Christians.
Here is the list:
Lysol or Pine sol
Bow Rake (garden type, not leaf)
Brooms & dustpans
Buckets (any size)
Rope for clothlines
Clothes pins
Plastic Tarps
First Aide Kits
Paper goods (plates, napkins, forks, spoons, knives)
Trash Bags
Toiletries (sanitary napkins, toilet paper)
Disposable Toothbrushes
Diapers (children & adults)
Water (any size plastic bottles)
Beans (dry in plastic bags only or canned)
Rice (dry in plastic bags only or canned)
Vegetables (canned)
Milk (canned only, needs no refrigeration)
Baby Formula (canned ready to use only)
No powdered items, such as flour, sugar, salt, powered milk, etc. will be allowed.
Monetary Donations are being accepted by sending a check to: FBC Del Rio, 301 Ave G. Del Rio, Texas 78840 or online via paypal
Stay in the Light, 1 John 1:7,
Pastor Larry

Published by Larry E Floyd

Follower of Jesus the Messiah. Husband, father, grandfather, son, uncle, friend, and pastor

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