Biblical Literacy

I found a really good article about biblical literacy. I have been preaching through the entire gospel of John for a year now and will be completing the book in 6 weeks.

This is an excerpt for the article, the full article can be found here

Teach the Bible.

Teaching through books of the Bible at church models for the hearers how to read the Bible on its own terms, especially the unfolding of the one storyline of the Bible that culminates in Christ. Fighting biblical literacy means preaching from the pulpit the way people read the Bible—moving through the text.

It’s essential for all believers to get the full picture of God’s revelation.

When people see and hear their pastors preaching the text as a whole and allowing the text to determine the message (not vice versa), they go home and read their Bibles the same way. When they see us jumping around the text in sermons, they jump around in life. Let’s teach them that the Bible is worth engaging, one book at a time.

Stay IN The Light, 1 John 1:7

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