One Year In Del Rio, Texas



This week marks 1 year that God called me as the pastor of First Baptist Church in Del Rio, Texas. The year has flown by because of what the Lord has done. He has been so good to us and blessed us in the heavenly realms. First Baptist Church has gone through so many awesome changes! The prior year before I arrived, there was 1 baptism. 30 people have passed through the baptism waters in 12 months. Many have confessed “Jesus as their personal Lord.” Church worship attendance has risen by 35%, Sunday school attendance has risen 100%, giving has risen 25%, 6 deacons have been ordained, 15 children have been dedicated, and more than that, Jesus has been given His place of honor, as the leader of this church!

What a year! I am excited about the upcoming year and I look forward to see what God will be up in the next 12 months.

Today as I write this entry, a man was saved right here in the church office! He was ready and waiting for His day to accept Jesus as His Lord. I pray this encourages you and allows you to see that our God still reigns!

Stay in the Light, 1 John 1:7,

Pastor Larry

Published by Larry E Floyd

Follower of Jesus the Messiah. Husband, father, grandfather, son, uncle, friend, and pastor

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