BGCT, Baylor agree to sale of Baptist Building in Dallas

When my wife and I worked for the BGCT in 2000-2002, we happened to be there in the convention’s heyday, in other words, in it’s time of great expansion. We saw office space on all 4 floors of the building being utilized. We were there when office space was at a premium. If your department had unused space, the BGCT had a ministry that could use that space.

And then, something happened in the convention that sent a sour taste in many Baptist’s mouths, and even a hurt in their hearts. Money was being stolen that was given to begin new churches and ministries. How that came to be is still a mystery to some and for others was the beginning of the end. Churches began to leave to the newly formed Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. Still for others, churches just left.

The BGCT has never fully recovered from the fallout, but it has placed some guidelines in place to help ensure that start starting money goes where it was intended to go. I have always supported the convention and all the ministries it represents. With this next adventure of the sale of the beautiful building that others help create, I pray that the BGCT can survive.

When churches give financially to the convention, for some pastors and churches, they will wonder where the money will be going since the building will no longer be an expense. Will the dispersing of ministries around the state cost even more than thawing one general location? We don’t know and I am sure many at the current building don’t know as well. I hope that we can all wrap our mind around a more virtual BGCT. That may be very well just what the Baptist of Texas have needed all along!

Here is the link to the story for you to read: BGCT, Baylor agree to sale of Baptist Building in Dallas.

Stay In The Light, 1 John 1:7

Pastor Larry

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